Enrollment & Registration

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The Academy offers classes on a continuous basis unless otherwise specified. New students enrolling in Levels I and higher are asked to take placement class to ensure proper placement. All students who enroll register for 36 weeks of classes, which ends mid in June, or may continue through the summer for an additional 5 weeks. Classes are limited to no more than 18 students; First Steps Children's Program classes are limited to 12 students.


Tuition is paid in monthly installments based on four (4) classes per month. Example monthly inclusive tuition is listed below. Please call for additional pricing.

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Dress Code

After proper placement, all students are required to purchase a specific colored leotard that designates class level. The Academy will provide all student uniforms for purchase through the in house boutique.

Parents Observation

Our observation windows will be open for viewing for the first week of each month. Also, the Academy has formal "Parents Observation Week" where seating is available inside the studio during the first weeks of November and March.

Academy Handbook

Upon registration, all students and/or parents will receive a handbook which will include all Academy policies as well as information pertinent to the students' dance education. Vacation dates, school divisions, performance opportunities, dress code and classroom etiquette are also covered in the handbook.

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