Employment Opportunities

The Dance Academy

Finding Hidden Potential ✧ Inspiring Excellence ✧ Realizing Success

Our mission is to educate children in a positive and encouraging environment to reach their personal best, we are dedicated to creating confident dancers in a safe, caring and age appropriate environment. Families at The Dance Academy are part of a friendly and inspiring dance community. We believe that children deserve to feel valued in every class, whether they are dancing for fun or are considering a potential career track.

Candidate Requirements

We are looking for brilliant and committed individuals who are passionate about their work, adore teaching children and sharing their love of dance. Applicants should be an engaging and fun teacher who have high expectations and are dedicated to creating dancers of all ages and levels. An individual who will use their organisational talents to ensure each class is well prepared and taught with the age group in mind while bringing their skills and talents to our students. Most importantly we are looking for teachers who are diligent, extremely reliable, who have a friendly disposition and are a dedicated team player.

Academy Faculty Qualifications:

✧ Have a degree in dance education or previous professional experience.

✧ Have experience working with children in an education setting.

✧ Have a passion for children and the performing arts.

✧ Aim for excellence in their teaching and strive to receive outstanding feedback from parents, students, and team.

✧ Build strong connections with students and their families.

✧ Thrive to provide an engaging and inspiring class experience every day.

✧Believe in continuous education for themselves and growing as an educator.

✧ Are eager for the challenge of working with students at different stages, levels, and abilities.

✧Are willing and able to make a 2 – 3 year or longer commitment to teaching at The Dance Academy, barring the unexpected.

✧Care about being part of a team and will enthusiastically participate in all team trainings and contribute to the living of the studio values across every touchpoint in the student experience

We promote the following values for our students, faculty and student families….

Fostering A Sense of Community ✧ Personal Responsibility ✧ Confidence ✧ Finding Hidden Potential ✧ Inspiring Excellence ✧ Realizing Success

Benefits of Teaching at The Dance Academy


We pride ourselves on having professional, open, family-friendly, atmosphere. We love what we do because, after all, we have the greatest jobs in the world!


Nothing gives us greater joy than finding hidden potential and inspiring our students reach their goals. Achievements big and small help to create happy confident students. Knowing we are making a difference in their lives every day brings us so much joy!

Income Potential

Our teachers are rewarded through competitive compensation. In addition, TDA teachers have the opportunity to add to their income by teaching private lessons, birthday parties, outreach classes, and demo classes.

Focus on What You Love

Our administrative team handles all the behind the curtain details so you can do what you love – teach children to dance!

Professional Development

We hold monthly meetings so we can not only learn from each other and grow as an unstoppable team!

A Studio with a Plan

We schedule all holiday breaks, recitals, special events, and performances in advance making it easy for you to make plans in and out of the studio.

A Program with Purpose

Our team of teachers work together to build and refine lesson plans that are clear, progress focused and appropriate for each age and level of class we offer.

Role and Responsibilities of Academy Faculty

Faculty Responsibilities to the Studio

✧ Whole heartedly believe in the mission and values of The Dance Academy

✧ Excited to be a part of a growing team of committed teachers

✧ Able to make a 2-3 year teaching commitment

✧ Willing and excited to participate in face-to-face meetings with the team as well as one-on-one conversations

✧ Enthusiastically supports the various efforts of TDA’s designed to attract and retain students

✧Are passionate about retention and aim to sustain an average student retention rate of 85% across all their classes

✧ Prepare choreography for year end culmination that fits with our theme and is age appropriate and contributes to performance ideas, costuming and be available to help

Faculty Responsibilities to Students

✧ Acting as a mentor or role model

✧ Providing a safe environment — physical, emotional, and psychological

✧ Showing respect for all students through a fair and equitable distribution of time and the use of encouraging language in offering positive reinforcement, constructive criticism, and acknowledgment of achievements

✧ Offering challenges that will raise them to the next level

✧ Making everyone, regardless of ability level, feel included

✧ Providing appropriate discipline

✧ Engaging in an appropriate relationship

✧ Delivering the best possible age-appropriate skills, content, and materials (including movement, terminology, music, choreography, technique, and historical influences)

✧ Modeling a healthy lifestyle

✧ Establishing clear expectations for behavior and attire

✧ Offering criteria for being respectful, appropriate audience members

Faculty Responsibilities to Colleagues

✧ Offering mutual respect

✧ Giving support

✧ Engaging in open communication

✧ Interacting in a non-threatening, collegial manner

✧ Using diplomacy in interpersonal interactions

✧ Behaving in a professional, ethical way

Faculty Responsibilities to Parents

✧ Introducing themselves to parents

✧ Communicating clearly and concisely about expectations regarding uniform, hair requirements and compliance with studio policies

✧ Creating a safe environment for the students

Faculty Responsibilities to the Community

✧ Educating the community through performances at public events, arts festivals, etc.

✧ Demonstrating professional conduct as a positive reflection on the dance-education field

✧ Offering criteria for being respectful, appropriate audience members

Faculty Responsibilities to Themselves

✧ Engaging in continuing education and professional development activities

✧ Gaining leadership through membership in local and state organizations

✧ Maintaining personal health (proper rest, nutrition, stress management)

✧ Giving themselves permission to profit from their expertise

✧ Fostering a self-concept as a valuable person and educator

✧ Believing that they can command respect and authority because of experience, training,education, and affiliation

How Success Will Be Measured

✧ Retention of Students

✧ Satisfaction of Students and Parents

✧ Growth as an Educato

✧ Satisfaction of Director regarding mission/values, contribution and work ethics.

Position Details

Currently the Academy is searching to hire an instructor who is excels in teaching Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Tap and Jazz to students ages 3-11 years.

A knowledge of the following is helpful but not required for hire to create future or substitute teaching hours. Classical Ballet (Vaganova preferred), Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop or Acro

Teaching hours are mostly evenings and weekends. Opportunities for growth are available depending on performance and results

Rate is TBD based on your experience and education.

If this feels like an opportunity that would make your career dreams come true, please fill out the application form below. Thank you!